BB Lightpipe and Park Assist combine their strengths in Zwolle parking

BB lightpipe and Park Assist combine their strengths

Katwolderplein is a new mixed-use facility located in the city centre of Zwolle. The Katwolderplein project includes inter alia a supermarket, a cinema and a car park. The car park has six floors and about 700 parking spaces. BB Lightpipe and Park Assist combine their strengths in this new car park of Katwolderplein.

The car park Katwolderplein is the third combined project with BB Parklight and the Park Assist L4 Smart-Sensor in the Netherlands. The L4 system combines the efficient BB Parklight, which uses 60% less electricity than traditional lighting, with Park Assist’s camera based parking guidance system. This system points the parking visitors to the free parking spaces, while reducing the searching traffic. The parking guidance system is easy to mount on the light line fixture.

High sustainability ambitions

The municipality of Zwolle is owner of the car park and has high sustainability ambitions. The aim is to be (one of) the first car parks with a BREEAM certificate. The building contains charging stations for electric cars and has solar panels. In addition to this the BB Parklight fits nicely in this ambition with her energy-efficient lighting. Dimming to 30% when people are absent optimizes energy savings.

The municipality creates a comfortable and safe environment for the customers of the nearby supermarket and cinema. The glare free lighting system and the warm light colour usage contribute to the safe experience.