Brussels Congres

The train station of Brussels-Congres is located in the heart of the city, exactly in between Brussels-North and Brussels-Central. The station consists of 4 platforms with a length of approximately 200m.  

The BB Infralight replaces the old-fashioned TL-fixtures. The customer chose the fixture because of the excellent low-glare values, high light uniformity and vandalism resistance. In addition, maintenance cost is kept low because of the long lifetime of the high quality components. 

The project consists of individual light fixtures with a length of 4 and 6 meters above the platforms. This creates an esthetical and visually continuous line while maximizing the comfort for the train operator and travellers.

 Emergency lighting

In the project 1 out of 2 fixtures is equipped with integrated emergency batteries. This reduces the need of additional separate emergency lighting fixtures. In case of an emergency, these batteries take over and increase safety by illuminating an evacuation path on the platform.