Dehin tunnel Liège

BB Lightpipe illuminates the Dehin tunnel in Liège

The lighting in Dehin Tunnel in Liège, Belgium, was recently fully renovated. While the existing fixtures where mounted as a point lighting above the driveway, the new BB Lightpipes are mounted in a continues line at the side. This improves driving comfort and road safety in the curved and sloped tunnel.

For the same reason light level is adjusted automaticly to the wheather type outside. The different lighting scenes can switch in several steps from very sunny to very cloudy, as well as to a night level. This way visability for the driver is optimized while reducing glare to a minimum.


Tunnel specific lighting

Lighting for tunnels and underpasses are in many ways different from traditional LED fixtures for indoor lighting. For tunnels there are very specific requirements for material usage, electrical safety and lighting demands.

To meet the requirements from the CIE norms (L20 entrance lighting curve) BB Lightpipe developed the High Lumen Output Lightpipe (HLO). This fixture is very suited for entrance- and exit zone lighting in tunnels. The HLO is DALI dimmable as is used in the lighting scenes. The high fixture efficiency in combination with the adjustable lighting levels optimize energy consumption. Therefore the BB Lightpipe has a mayor energy cost reduction in comparison to traditional tunnel lighting fixtures.

Dehin inside 1

The BB Lightpipe is a high quality fixture thanks to the use of ceramic LED’s in combination with a good termal conduction. Therefor the LED stays cool and the lumen depreciation is low. Replacement of the LEDs is no longer needed which means maintenance cost is kept low. This is an impotant factor in tunnels where lighting is difficult to reach and road closure is expensive. The BB Lightpipe can be implanted in new and existing projects.

When you choose for the BB Lightpipe you are ensured of a sturdy and durable fixture in combination with high aesthetic qualities and low energy consumption. The BB Lightpipe fixtures are impact resisitant IK10+ and IP66 water tight. This means the fixtures can be mounted in harsh envoirement such as tunnels and underpasses.

Unique features of the BB Lightpipe HLO

Continues, optical and modulair lighting system with:

+ vandal proof polycarbonate tubes with prism foil technology;

+ sturdy anodised aluminium profile and housing;

+ 4 led-modules, with 18 ceramic LEDs each;

This makes;

+ a constant, uniform and glare free lighting distribution;

+ a 180 degree light output increasing comfort;

+ a high lumen output for high light demands;

+ suitable for entrance and exit zones;

+ energy savings by making use of dimming (DALI);

+ possibility of integrating emergency lighting or Evaq;

Dehin tunnel 2