Emergency Lighting

Increasing safety and comfort with LEDlight solutions

Lighting principle

The system includes a continuous optical and modular lighting system composed of polycarbonate tubes in an aluminum bearing section. A LED module with 18 LEDs emits light into an impact-proof polycarbonate tube, which internally has a special foil technique which includes the 3M’s O.L.F. foil. This foil ensures a constant, uniform and glare free light distribution.

The 180° beaming angle increases the feeling of comfort and guarantees a feeling of safety in large areas such as parking garages and shopping centers.

The standard provided light color is 5000 Kelvin. The optional range of light colors is between 2700 Kelvin and 5000 Kelvin.


Long lifespan

Using high-power ceramic NICHIA LEDs and an excellent heat transfer of the LED module to the aluminum carrier profile the LED temperature stays low. This results in a very low lumen depreciation of the LED.

- LED lifespan performance (according to IEC/PAS62717) L90F50 = 200,000 hours
- LED lifespan performance (according to IEC/PAS62717) L90F10 = 100,000 hours
- Lifespan of the driver according to the manufacturer = 100,000 hours

A lighting installation driven by DALI ensures substantial energy savings. Dimming the light also extends the lifespan of the LEDs and the LED driver. Therefore, the BB LEDlightpipe EVO is a lighting solution which requires a low maintenance.

DEKRA LED performance seal

The performance of the BB LEDlightpipe® EVO is verified by DEKRA and certified externally and it has consequently granted the LED performance seal according to IEC/PAS 62722-2-1 and DEKRA K173. This included checking the fixture for energy efficiency, lifespan and light stability. These performance seals underline the fact that the BB LEDlightpipe EVO is a durable and environmental friendly lighting solution.

Cradle 2 Cradle

Michael Braungart and William McDonough are the founders of the C2C (cradle-to-cradle) concept with their WASTE = FOOD proposition. The main idea behind this concept is that all components used in a product can be returned into the production process at the end of their useful life. Therefore, all materials of the BB LEDlightpipe® EVO are kept into the cycle and thus is the system 100% recycling friendly. All BB LEDlightpipe® fittings meet the criteria and are certified by the C2C organization.

Specifications BB LEDlightpipe® EVOSpecifications BB LEDlightpipe® EVO


Advanced lighting via lens and foil techniques creates a constant and even light distribution. This makes it is impossible to look directly into the LEDs from any position and thus eliminates glare effect which are often present when, for example, entering or leaving a car tunnel.

External influences

The BB LEDlightpipe® is completely dust-proof and water-resistant. Therefore, it complies with the IP66 classification. This classification is awarded to the BB LEDlightpipe® EVO after tests showed that both water and particles of 1.0 mm were unable to penetrate the BB LEDlightpipe.

Thanks to its shape and the material used (aluminium and polycarbonate), the BB LEDlightpipe® EVO is very strong and extremely vandalism-resistant. The impact-resistance is assessed for IK10+, which is the highest classification possible for durability.

DALI control

DALI is standard fitted in each BB LEDlightpipe®, which results in a unique feature which enables the light management system to regulate the light level on site and per LEDlightpipe. DALI is a system which automatically dims the capacity of the lighting according to the circumstances or the activity on a specific location. Light management software is available for every customer specification.

With the use of LED technology combined with unique electronics, the programmable dim scenarios can achieve substantial energy savings and reduce the CO2 emission. Earlier projects have already demonstrated savings of at least 60% compared to systems working at a constant full capacity.

Easy installation

The modular light lines have Plug & Play connectors and stainless steel mounting brackets. Installation of the fixture is quick and easy. The light lines are entirely cabled with 3-phase wiring so that long light lines up to 300 meters can be connected to a single power supply. This way, fewer powering facilities or surface-mounted wirings are needed.

It is possible to add an additional section within the fixture so that the light line can also be used as a cable duct. For example, extra cables for a parking guidance or public address system can be inserted.


The light source does not need replacement during the entire lifespan of the fixture. However, it is recommended to replace the LED driver after 12 years. If an earlier abnormality occurs, both the LED module and driver can easily be replaced. The fixture can be cleaned easily and quickly thanks to the smooth and enclosed design. It is impossible for insects or dirt to pile up in the light system. The light emitting components do not generate heat so it is also impossible for grease, dust and/or small particles to get burnt into these light components.

Specifications BB LEDlightpipe® EVOSpecifications BB LEDlightpipe® EVO

10-year warranty

If you select an advanced light installation including DALI dim protocols combined with motion sensors, we can offer a warranty of 10 years upon payment of a surcharge of 2% on the BB LEDlightpipe products. (standard warranty is 5 years).

Calculate your savings

All LED products of BB-Lightconcepts standard have DALI (Digital Adressable Lighting Interface). Each fixture has a unique adress. By using DALI each LED fixture can be programmed to any required lightlevel and can obtain minimal energy consumption by making use of a dim schedule. For example, the BB LEDlightpipe® EVO in car parks are often equipped with motion sensors. When no one is present, the system can be dimmed back down to for example 10%. Independent measurements at several locations have shown that with this setup up to 60% energy savings can be achieved in comparison with the system at full load. These savings will naturally also a have a significant CO2 reduction to go with it. Also, the LED fixture comunicates with the computer to display its status and log information.

Calculate how much you can save when you utilize the LEDlightpipe® technology. We can give you an accurate overview of your current energy use and your situation when you use our LED lighting.