Special BB LEDlightpipe edition in the Rainbowtunnel in Uppsala

The Rainbowtunnel in Uppsala is completed and ready to use. This tunnel is an unique underpass in Sweden, which is provided with BB LEDlightpipes. The tunnel is coloured in all off the colours of the rainbow. Children played the leading role to create this tunnel. The tunnel was officially opened among great interest on November 18th.

This project was a co-operation between preschools in the nearby area and the community of Uppsala. All the objects, drawings and sounds in this tunnel are ideas coming from these children. “This is a project where the children’s voice (and thoughts) were heard, the children are considered equal to adults and they are seen/noticed in the society,” said Erik Johansson from the community of Uppsala.

Swefico AB, Stockholm and BB-Lightconcepts were pleased to create a special BB LEDlightpipe edition for this project. Several speakers have been mounted in the BB LEDlightpipes. You can get different sounds from this speakers when you push the buttons on the wall. The combination of the objects creates a comfortable and happy feeling in the underpass.

The mounting is done by Vattenfall Services Nordic AB and the sound in the tunnel was trimmed by Scenteknik AB. According to Johannes Eriksson, foreman of the installation company, the system was really easy to install and he experienced no difference in comparison with installing the ordinary BB LEDlightpipes.