Gerritsen van Groningen is a family company that is specialized in metalwork and powder coating. The company counts 10 employees and is located in Terborg, the Netherlands.

Gerritsen van Groningen chose to install BB Infralight in the beginning of 2016. Jurgen van Groningen, the director of the company, saw the BB Infralight during a company visit at BB-Lightconcepts. He was impressed by these fixtures. He had outdated HF lighting at his own factory and the lightlevels were decreased. After evaluting cost savings with a exploitation calculation he bought the BB LEDlightpipes for his own company.

Customer ecperience

Now, almost a year later, Jurgen van Groningen is still very satisfied with the aprox. 50 BB Infralight fixtures in the factory: 

"The lighting provides a beautiful, clear light in the whole room. A correct lighting system is vital to distinct colours and see small defects in the powder coating proces. Good lighting is an important part of the quality control of my product."

He is also very pleased by the dim function of the BB Infralight:

"Every fixture can be dimmed individually by DALI, in this way the lighting turns on when you come in and automatically dims after leaving the room or factory hall. This saves me a lot of money, I save about 200 euros per month on electricity compared to the previous fixtures."

Gerritsen van Groningen has plans to expand the company building in the future. They certainly keep BB Lightpipe in mind for this expansion.

For more information about Gerritsen van Groningen you can visit their website.