The Rotterdamsebaan opened on the 5th of februari.

The new road connection Rotterdamsebaan connects the highways (A4 / A13) and the central ring of The Hague and makes the region more accessible. The traffic to and from the motorways can thus be distributed better and the congestion on the Utrechtsebaan is less.

The 4 kilometre long road connection has a 1800-meter-long tunnel and a 450-meter-long sunken roadway with several underpasses. The drilled tunnel consists of two tubes with an internal diameter of ten meters. Each tube has 2 lanes. The tunnel is drilled underneath a residential area, a park and a canal.

The Rotterdamsebaan project is a prime example of sustainable infrastructure in the Netherlands. The tunnel has many sustainable applications such as solar panels, LEAB asphalt, sound converters, LED lighting, and so on. It is one of the largest tunnels in the Benelux and the longest tunnel that is equipped with BB Lightpipe lighting. The tunnel has a high architectural value, partly thanks to the lighting from BB Lightpipe.

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RoBa visual

The tunnel is called the Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel, named after the famous unfinished painting by the Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan.

Both the tunnel and the sunken location have a continuous BB Lightpipe light line on both sides at a height of 4,7 meters. The lightpipe lengths are custom made to the white curved wall elements, which ensures a sublime result. This appearance ensures a comfortable and safe passage for the road user.

Bennie Elfrink of BB Lightpipe took care of the development of our innovative lighting solution. Paul de Graaf successfully completed the light calculations and project coordination between our factory, the system integrator and the installation company.

Lighting equipement

The tunnel is equipped with 2.091 lightpipes, in lengths of 1,25 - 2,5 - 3,75 and 5 meters. The lengths are adjusted to the dimensions of the wall sections. A total of 1,461 external driver housings are installed, part of which controls 2 lightpipes. The light colour is set to 3500K, at the special request of the customer, which gives a warmer tone than the standard 5000K.

The lightpipes are placed at an angle of 35 ° for optimal light distribution. The specially designed suspension bracket connect the lightpipe to the wall construction. The bracket is developed by Cruxin within the TKH Group. Cruxin also acted as a system integrator for lighting and lighting controls.

The customer now has high-quality lighting with a long life span and very low maintenance for a period of at least 15 years.

Click here for a virtual drive through.

BB Lightpipe illuminates the Dehin tunnel in Liège

The lighting in Dehin Tunnel in Liège, Belgium, was recently fully renovated. While the existing fixtures where mounted as a point lighting above the driveway, the new BB Lightpipes are mounted in a continues line at the side. This improves driving comfort and road safety in the curved and sloped tunnel.

For the same reason light level is adjusted automaticly to the wheather type outside. The different lighting scenes can switch in several steps from very sunny to very cloudy, as well as to a night level. This way visability for the driver is optimized while reducing glare to a minimum.


Tunnel specific lighting

Lighting for tunnels and underpasses are in many ways different from traditional LED fixtures for indoor lighting. For tunnels there are very specific requirements for material usage, electrical safety and lighting demands.

To meet the requirements from the CIE norms (L20 entrance lighting curve) BB Lightpipe developed the High Lumen Output Lightpipe (HLO). This fixture is very suited for entrance- and exit zone lighting in tunnels. The HLO is DALI dimmable as is used in the lighting scenes. The high fixture efficiency in combination with the adjustable lighting levels optimize energy consumption. Therefore the BB Lightpipe has a mayor energy cost reduction in comparison to traditional tunnel lighting fixtures.

Dehin inside 1

The BB Lightpipe is a high quality fixture thanks to the use of ceramic LED’s in combination with a good termal conduction. Therefor the LED stays cool and the lumen depreciation is low. Replacement of the LEDs is no longer needed which means maintenance cost is kept low. This is an impotant factor in tunnels where lighting is difficult to reach and road closure is expensive. The BB Lightpipe can be implanted in new and existing projects.

When you choose for the BB Lightpipe you are ensured of a sturdy and durable fixture in combination with high aesthetic qualities and low energy consumption. The BB Lightpipe fixtures are impact resisitant IK10+ and IP66 water tight. This means the fixtures can be mounted in harsh envoirement such as tunnels and underpasses.

Unique features of the BB Lightpipe HLO

Continues, optical and modulair lighting system with:

+ vandal proof polycarbonate tubes with prism foil technology;

+ sturdy anodised aluminium profile and housing;

+ 4 led-modules, with 18 ceramic LEDs each;

This makes;

+ a constant, uniform and glare free lighting distribution;

+ a 180 degree light output increasing comfort;

+ a high lumen output for high light demands;

+ suitable for entrance and exit zones;

+ energy savings by making use of dimming (DALI);

+ possibility of integrating emergency lighting or Evaq;

Dehin tunnel 2

Espoo Bus Terminal

In the bus Terminal in Espoo, near Helsinki Finland, BB Lightpipe LED lighting is mounted.

The main project contains of a tunnel-like underpass with 3 roadways in two directions and a lenght of 300m. The continues light lines result in a safe an comfortable envoirenment. A good visability is vital for safety in a room where busses and pedestrians move side by side.

The tunnel has entrance zone lighting at both ends to ensure a safe passage through the tunnel.

Some of the BB Lightpipe EVO fixtures are fitted with emergency lighting. In case of power loss the emergency lightpipes function as oriantation and anti-panic lighting.

espoo bus terminal   espoo bus terminal

In addition to the long light lines in the bus terminal a pedestrian walkway and bicycle parking are also illuminated with BB Lightpipe.

The project is realised in collaboration with our sales representitive in the Nordics Swefico

Brussels Midi Station lighting replacement

At track 1 to 6 of the Brussels Midi trainstation the lighting installation is renovated. The old high fluorescent fixtures are replaced by high efficiency lighting fixtures.

For this project BB Lightpipe developed a custom made version of the BB Lightpipe EVO which can be mounted in the existing cable trunk.  The cable trunk also contains audio speakers, camera modules and railway signs.

An additional housing was developed around the standard housing to make a clean fit in the cable trunk housing. The housing and wiring were designed to make a fast and easy installation possible. This was important because replacement had to be done in the night. With a fast installation labour cost is kept low.

The customer chose the BB Lightpipe because of its glare free quantities. In a train station it is vitally important lighting doesn't lead to blinding of the train operator.

The BB Lightpipe is a high quality fixture with a very long lifetime. There is no need for any replacement parts in the next 12 years or more. This means maintenance cost is very low. At a railway station this is very important because maintenance can be very expensive.

brussels midi2  

Brussels Midi is the main hub station used by all mainline trains serving Brussels including Eurostar to London, Thalys to Paris, Amsterdam & Cologne, German Railways ICEs to Cologne & Frankfurt, Intercity trains to Luxembourg and Belgian domestic trains to Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and so on.

The project is realised in collaboration with TKH sister company Techno Specials

System integrations in Albert Cuyp Parking

In Amsterdam a unique parking has been equipped with BB Lightpipe lighting. The two-level parking is situated underneath the Boerenwetering canal in the city centre of Amsterdam, near the Rijksmuseum.

The parking is fitted with BB LED lightpipe EVO light lines at the centre of the driveway. The light line has some unique features as well with several system integrations. Emergency lighting, evacuation and park guidance is integrated.

The BB Lightpipe is fitted with a fully certified evaquation installation. Speakers, wires and isolators are integrated in the light line. The audio integration is a collaboration with TKH sister company Speeq.

The intelligent park guidance system of Park Assist gives customers the ease of finding a parking space quick and therefore reduce search traffic. The Park Assist L4 system is a camera based system and is placed on top of the light line. Cable trunks are placed on top of the fixtures as well for communication and power wiring according to the daisy-chain principle.

A central system based on a UPS and NSA is implemented to power the fixtures in an emergency situation. The BB Lightpipe is fitted with two separate wiring systems for the regular and emergency lighting separately. A build-in addressing module detects when an emergency situation occurs and powers the emergency lighting fixture at 60%.

The lighting is controlled by an advanced DALI light management. The parking is divided in multiple control groups which are dimmed with motion sensors. This way energy consumption is optimized.

For more info about this project see our references

Bicycle parking Erasmus MC Rotterdam completed

In Rotterdam, next to the Erasmus Medical Centre, an small carpark is renovated. The carpark is transformed to a bicycle parking for the Medical Centre personnel and all installations are renewed. For lighting they chose the BB Lightpipe.

The foremost reason was the wanted to create a comfortable and safe surrounding for the employers. Advanced lighting via lens and foil techniques creates a constant and even light distribution. This makes it is impossible to look directly into the LEDs from any position and thus eliminates glare effect.

bicycle parking 1 bicycle parking 2

While doing so they wanted to save on energy consumption as well.  This why an advanced lighting system is commissioned based on multiple motion sensors.

In the busy hours of the day, for instance when the working day start or ends, lighting is at the maximum level for maximum comfort. When no one is around the light is dimmed to 10% reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions to a minimum.

A BB Lightpipe installation is mounted in the Stuvsta tunnel in Stuvsta, Sweden.

The installation in the Stuvsta tunnel from 1994 is renovated and a new lighting system is implemented.

The lighting installation consist of a continues light line and additional 'high lumen output' lighting at both entrances of the tunnel.

The continuous light line give users a comfortable passage of the 193m long tunnel without any annoying flickering effects.  The enhanced entrance light level is to offer the traffic a safe transition to the darker tunnel area.

A L20 camera is used to control the lighting in several stages. When the sun is most powerful, all lights are on. When the weather is more cloudy the light is dimmed. At night the entrance lighting is turned of and the basic lighting is dimmed. At night the lighting still forms a continues line but dimmed to a lower light level, so at night there’s also annoying flickering.

The customer choose for the BB Lightpipe because of the long lifetime and therefore low maintenance. Also the system is very easy to install.

Stuvsta tunnel 2

Stuvsta tunnel Sweden

From the 1st of January the name BB-Lightconcepts has changed to BB Lightpipe. A new logo, website and product range description is introduced. The new name is a better representation of the product range that is produced.

Product range

BB Lightpipe represents the LED light line product that is so familiar in the field.  The product range can be divided in three basic applications; Parking, Infrastructure and Logistics. The solutions for these apllications are the Parklight, Infralight and Logilight.

BB Lightpipe develops and produces energy efficient LED lighting in a durable way. All designs of the light line fixtures are carefully composed to make the environmental impact as low as possible. This means the application of only fully recyclable materials (C2C). The designs are thought out in such a way that disassembly at the end of life is easy. This means no adhesive joints, such as glue, is used.