The Parking of the IKEA Mons in Belgium is the first combined project with BB LEDlightpipe EVO and the Park Assist L4, combining LED lighting and Park guidance. The Park Assist L4 is the successor of the L3 as applied in the Kustwerk parking in Katwijk.
The combination of the two systems make the installation much easier and quicker saving on installation cost and materials.

The straight light line of BB LEDlightpipes is mounted on the middle of the driveway with the new Park Assist L4 modules on top.
The light lines together with the additional lights above the walking areas create a uniform light distribution, giving the Ikea customers a comfortable and save feeling.

The lights will be operated by DALI motion sensors to optimize the energy consumption. The light will be dimmed down to 20% when there is no movement. Each driving lane will be dimmed separately.

The Park Assist L4 modules makes it much easier to find a vacant parking space, reducing search traffic signifcantly. Disabled parking spaces or family parking spaces are easily recognisable by the different colors in the Park Assist module.

The installation is a cooparation of BB-Lightconcepts with TKH sister companies Techno Specials and Park Assist.

The road tunnel Blonden in Liege, Belgium, is completed and open to public. The tunnel is fitted with BB LEDlightpipe EVO fixtures in the central zone and BB LEDlightpipe HLO fixtures at the entrance zone.

The HLO is a high lumen output fixtures specially designed for use at the entrance zone of tunnels. By day a high light level is needed to make the transition from outside daylight to the inside of the tunnel more safe and comfortable.

The project is a coorperation of BB-Lightconcepts with Techno Specials.