Bicycle parking Erasmus MC Rotterdam completed

In Rotterdam, next to the Erasmus Medical Centre, an small carpark is renovated. The carpark is transformed to a bicycle parking for the Medical Centre personnel and all installations are renewed. For lighting they chose the BB Lightpipe.

The foremost reason was the wanted to create a comfortable and safe surrounding for the employers. Advanced lighting via lens and foil techniques creates a constant and even light distribution. This makes it is impossible to look directly into the LEDs from any position and thus eliminates glare effect.

bicycle parking 1 bicycle parking 2

While doing so they wanted to save on energy consumption as well.  This why an advanced lighting system is commissioned based on multiple motion sensors.

In the busy hours of the day, for instance when the working day start or ends, lighting is at the maximum level for maximum comfort. When no one is around the light is dimmed to 10% reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions to a minimum.

BB LEDlightpipe installation in the parking of the Plantronics Building completed

The parking of the Plantronics building at Park 20|20 has been fitted with BB LEDlightpipe EVO light lines. The Plantronics Parking is the 5th parking at the Park 20|20 which is fitted with BB LEDlightpipe.

The Park 20|20 business park in Hoofddorp is the world’s first full service Cradle to Cralde working environment. Park 20|20 combines sustainable design and an optimal ecological approach with a ground-breaking innovative way of doing business. Human well-being, now and in the future, is the central element. The focus on people leads to an inspiring, healthy and productive work environment. High-quality services and economic growth are the positive results of this fruitful and refreshing way of working.

The BB LEDlightpipe fits perfectly in this pilosophy beceause it is Cradle to Cradle bronze certified, which states that the building materials of the fixture are fully recyclable. The BB LEDlightpipe is still the only industrial LED fixture with a C2C certification.

A DALI dimming light management based on presence detection is used to optimize energy performance. This contributes to the zero energy goal of the working envoironment.

The installation has been executed by Prospect Installatietechniek from Lelystad