The BB LEDlightpipe EVO is fitted in the swimming pool 'De hoge Devel' in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands.

This project is the first swimming pool to be fitted with the BB LEDlightpipe. The fixture is fitted around the water at the edge of the pool to simplefy installation. This setup results in a very uniform average lightlevel of 300 lux. Al mounting materials are made of aluminium so no stainless steal is used.

The BB LEDlightpipe is very suited to mount in swimming pools thanks to its closed housing (IP66) and long lifetime. Maintenance cost is reduced to a minimum.

A DALI light sensor is used to compensate for the natural light entering by day to optimize energy consumption. With a remote controller the customer has the posibility the switch between several light scenes. This way the lighting can be adjusted to its usage accordingly. With a lower light level for recreation and a high light level for competion.