System integrations in Albert Cuyp Parking

In Amsterdam a unique parking has been equipped with BB Lightpipe lighting. The two-level parking is situated underneath the Boerenwetering canal in the city centre of Amsterdam, near the Rijksmuseum.

The parking is fitted with BB LED lightpipe EVO light lines at the centre of the driveway. The light line has some unique features as well with several system integrations. Emergency lighting, evacuation and park guidance is integrated.

The BB Lightpipe is fitted with a fully certified evaquation installation. Speakers, wires and isolators are integrated in the light line. The audio integration is a collaboration with TKH sister company Speeq.

The intelligent park guidance system of Park Assist gives customers the ease of finding a parking space quick and therefore reduce search traffic. The Park Assist L4 system is a camera based system and is placed on top of the light line. Cable trunks are placed on top of the fixtures as well for communication and power wiring according to the daisy-chain principle.

A central system based on a UPS and NSA is implemented to power the fixtures in an emergency situation. The BB Lightpipe is fitted with two separate wiring systems for the regular and emergency lighting separately. A build-in addressing module detects when an emergency situation occurs and powers the emergency lighting fixture at 60%.

The lighting is controlled by an advanced DALI light management. The parking is divided in multiple control groups which are dimmed with motion sensors. This way energy consumption is optimized.

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