BB Lightpipe deliverd the LED line lighting in the factory hall of the TKF (Twentsche Kabel Fabriek) in Lochem. In the recently renovated factory production takes place of large sub-sea cables. These are cables that connect off shore wind turbine parks with the mainland.

 The factory consist of 4 production halls with a length of 160 meters, a storage hall and several smaller halls and offices. In the large factory halls the BB Logilight form continues light lines with lengths up to 160 meter to create a uniform and safe illuminated workplace. This is possible with the 3-phase trough-wiring in the fixture.

DALI control

DALI light management is used to optimize energy consumption by making use of daylight and motion sensors. The roof of the factory halls contain large roof lights with a lot of daylight entering.  The light sensors regulate the lighting to create the necessary light level in combination with the daylight entry.

 The BB Logilight installation is low maintenance and has a long lifetime and in addition the DALI light management extends the lifetimes even further. This because when the lighting dims down the electric components such as the LEDs and driver stay cooler. It is expected there will not be a replacement of these parts needed within the first 15 years.

 TKF is part of the TKH Group(link TKH website) as well as BB Lightpipe.