Here you can find and download more information about our products by downloading the specsheets or by taking a look at our brochure.
The brochure gives a comprehensive explanation of the unique features of the BB Lightpipe. The specsheet gives an overview of the technical data of the different fixtures.

You can contact us us for additional information such as lichtdata files, installation manuals, certificates etc.


BB Lightpipe EVO Specsheet - download
BB Lightpipe ECO Specsheet - download
BB Lightpipe EVO/ ECO Manual - download
BB Lightpipe EVO/ ECO Eulumdat - download

BB Parklight Plug&Play Specsheet - download
BB Parklight Device Connector Specsheet - download
BB Parklight Manual - download
BB Parklight Eulumdat - download

BB Logilight Plug&Play Specsheet- download
BB Logilight Device Connector Specsheet- download
BB Logilight Manual - download
BB Logilight Eulumdat - download