BB Infralight

Increasing safety and comfort with LEDlight solutions

The BB Infralight offers a wide range of product solutions for Infrastructure. The BB Infralight is applicable in tunnels, viaducts, underpasses, railway & metro stations and remote locations.

The BB Infralight is a high quality lighting fixture made of polycarbonate tubes and an aluminium carrier profile. A LED module emits light into an impact-proof polycarbonate tube (100mm), which internally has a special foil technique including 3M’s O.L.F. foil. This foil ensures a constant, even and anti-glare light distribution.

The lighting system offers the following unique advantages for Infrastructure:

- High quality LEDs with more than 100.000 hours lifetime (L80B10)
- DEKRA LED Performance certified verifying high quality electrical components
- Glare free thanks to unique lighting principle
- Designed for application in harsh environments
- DALI control to optimize energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions
- Only uses fully recyclable components
- Audio integration in the fixture
- Central and de-central emergency lighting
- Tunnel entrance lighting for the threshold and transistion zone
- Custom made solutions


Long lifespan

Using high-power ceramic NICHIA LEDs and an excellent heat transfer of the LED module to the aluminum carrier profile the LED temperature stays low. This results in a very low lumen depreciation of the LED.

- LED lifespan performance (according to IEC/PAS62717) L90F50 = 200,000 hours
- LED lifespan performance (according to IEC/PAS62717) L80F10 = 100,000 hours
- Lifespan of the driver according to the manufacturer = 100,000 hours

A lighting installation driven by DALI ensures substantial energy savings. Dimming the light also extends the lifespan of the LEDs and the LED driver. Therefore, the BB Infralight is a lighting solution which requires a low maintenance.

DEKRA LED performance seal

The performance of the BB Infralight LED module is verified and certified externally by DEKRA and it has consequently granted the LED performance seal according to IEC/PAS 62722-2-1 and DEKRA K173. This included checking the fixture for energy efficiency, lifespan and light stability. These performance seals underline the fact that the BB Infralight is a durable and environmental friendly lighting solution.


Advanced lighting via lens and foil techniques creates a constant and even light distribution. This makes it is impossible to look directly into the LEDs from any position and thus eliminates glare effect which are often present when, for example, entering or leaving a car tunnel.

External influences

The BB lightpipe is completely dust-proof and water-resistant. Therefore, it complies with the IP66 classification. This classification is awarded to the BB Infralight after tests showed that both water and particles of 1.0 mm were unable to penetrate the BB Infralight.

Thanks to its shape and the material used (aluminium and polycarbonate), the BB Infralight  is very strong and extremely vandalism-resistant. The impact-resistance is assessed for IK10+, which is the highest classification possible for durability.

DALI control

DALI is standard fitted in each BB Infralight, which results in a unique feature which enables the light management system to regulate the light level on site and per BB Infralight. DALI is a system which automatically dims the capacity of the lighting according to the circumstances or the activity on a specific location. Light management software is available for every customer specification.

With the use of LED technology combined with unique electronics, the programmable dim scenarios can achieve substantial energy savings and reduce the CO2 emission. Earlier projects have already demonstrated savings of at least 60% compared to systems working at a constant full capacity.

Sustainable Materials

With any fixture design the envoironmental impact is taken into account. The basic principle is that all components used in a product can be returned into the production process at the end of useful life. All fixtures are constructed of durable and sustainable materials. At the end of the service life all materials can be reused in new high grade products. Therefore, not decycling but 100% recycling.

Assembly techniques are used to make disassembly possible. For example, the foils in the polycarbonate tube shown above are folded together and put into the tube using vacuum tooling. This means no environmentally unfriendly glue is needed and the fixture can easily be disassembled and taken back into the production process at the end of its lifetime.

Audio integration

The BB Infralight can be fitted with Audio integration for recreational purposes or a fully certified evaquation installation. Speakers, wires and isolators are integrated in the light line.

The audio integration solution combines superb aesthetics with high quality sound for speech and background music applications. The module is suitable for use in parking lots, train and subway stations, tunnels and industries where lighting and sound reproduction join together for communication purposes.

Sound characteristics of the loudspeaker match the needs for voice alarm purposes which demands an excellent speech intelligibility. Back ground music sounds natural and pleasant on a professional level.

- Certification according to EN54-24
- Protection level IP54
- 15W power with 100V line transformer
- Impact resistant aluminium housing
- For additional reliability, a 2 pin-ceramic block and a thermal fuse is added in an optional junction box.

Emergency Lighting

The BB Infralight can be fitted with central and decentral emergency lighting. A decentral system uses an integrated battery to power the fixture for at least 60 minutes at a light level of 10%.

In a decentral emergency system the batteries are easily replaced by removing the aluminium cover. A LED indicator on the outside of the fixture indicates battery status.

A central system uses a UPS or NSA to power the fixtures. The BB Infralight can be fitted with two separate wiring systems for the regular and emergency lighting separately. A build-in addressing module detects when an emergency situation accurse and powers the emergency lighting fixture at 60%.

In a light line one fixture every 2 or 3 fixtures can be specified as emergency lighting to meet the regulations depending in the length of a single fixture.

Tunnel entrance lighting

The BB Infralight is very suited for implementation in high speed traffic tunnels because of the high quality maintenance free components and easy installation.

The BB Infralight XLO is high power high lumen output fixture for application in tunnel entrances. The XLO is a 1,4 meter long symmetric light fixture with an optimized beaming angle for the threshold and transistion zone of the tunnel.

Together with a BB Infralight light line the XLO can create a comfortable tunnel lighting environment.

Custom made solutions

The BB Infralight is available in several basic types, lengths and wattages. If the standard types do not fully meet the requirements custom made solutions can be conceived, developed and produced.

Custom made solutions can be:

- Light color and/or color rendering
- Fixture length
- Mounting method with special brackets
- Integrations in existing cable/fixture housings
- External driver placement