Park Assist

Efficient LED lighting and park-indication technology

The BB LEDlightpipe is a unique combination of efficient LED lighting and park guidance technology. The combined system offers optimal illumination in the garage whilst simultaneously offering the Park Assist system. This systems can offer your customers the convenience of finding a parking place with ease, which reduces search time for a free parking spot. Furthermore the Park Assist system offers different options for directing the traffic flow. The BB LEDlightpipe® Park Assist system has been developed by TKH Parking Solutions, combining the BB LEDlightpipe® EVO and Park Assist technologies.

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For more information on the lighting part of the combination between lighting and park assistance see the BB LEDlightpipe EVO product page.
The new L4 smart-sensor of Park Assist combines next-generation guidance with ultra-efficient LED lighting in a single, streamlined installation. Powered by the same 800 MHz dual-core processor as the ceiling-mounted M4, these sleek lightpipe-mounted devices bring a modern and invitational feel to a garage. While minimizing utility costs, improving visibility for surveillance, and boosting sustainability.

A Park Assist smart-sensors system puts intelligent processing right at the parking space level. Each camera based smart-sensor has the ability to stream surveillance video to the core server, while also sending rich data for integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR), tracking of behaviors and usage patterns and unprecedented system-wide control.

The dual camera L4 smart-sensors are placed above the driving lane to monitor a pair of spaces on each side. This unique vantage point provides the CMOS cameras with an unobstructed view of the parked vehicles for advanced monitoring and expanded surveillance within the parking garage. While providing parkers with clear sight lines for easy guidance and navigation.

A Park Assist L4 smart-sensors system is quickly installed, section by section, with no disruption and only minimal effects on day-to-day operations. The installed system is seamlessly integrated via Park Assist server-side APIs with your current ‘PARCS’ or other revenue management system. Park Assist mobile APIs and apps can also be used to make customer-facing features which are accessible across a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

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A wide range of software extensions can also be integrated into the system:

Park Finder

Find Your Car™ locator utilizing:
• License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology
• Parking ticket recognition via PARCS and other revenue management systems
• Touchscreen kiosks at strategic locations
• Secure APIs to integrate with smartphone apps

Park Select

An invaluable ally for creating revenue opportunities:
• Designate spaces for premium and conditional pricing
• No need for expensive gate systems or loss of spaces
• Integrates with PARCS and other revenue management systems

Park Surveillance

Expanded security from a unique vantage point:
• Smart-sensors above the driving lane monitor the area in and around the space
• Streaming surveillance video captured when motion detected, or even continuously if desired
• Added security that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive

Park Alerts

Policy enforcement and user-groups control without fixed barriers:
• License Plate Recognition (LPR) used to apply parking rules (i.e. for employee parking)
• Automatic email alerts for policy violations
• System alerts guard against unwanted behavior
• Recognize and reward VIP or regular customers

Park Insights

A robust reporting platform with embedded business intelligence:
• Aggregates multiple data sources to provide detailed and actionable intelligence
• Generates powerful relational data to improve decision making and performance

Park Command

An intuitive, real-time dashboard providing in-depth system control:
• A centralized portal for configuring detailed operation parameters
• Direct access for specifying zones, viewing real-time data, etc.

For further information, please visit the Park Assist Website

Calculate your savings

All LED products of BB-Lightconcepts standard have DALI (Digital Adressable Lighting Interface). Each fixture has a unique adress. By using DALI each LED fixture can be programmed to any required lightlevel and can obtain minimal energy consumption by making use of a dim schedule. For example, the BB LEDlightpipe® EVO in car parks are often equipped with motion sensors. When no one is present, the system can be dimmed back down to for example 10%. Independent measurements at several locations have shown that with this setup up to 60% energy savings can be achieved in comparison with the system at full load. These savings will naturally also a have a significant CO2 reduction to go with it. Also, the LED fixture comunicates with the computer to display its status and log information.

Calculate how much you can save when you utilize the LEDlightpipe® technology. We can give you an accurate overview of your current energy use and your situation when you use our LED lighting.