Espoo Bus Terminal

Espoo Bus Terminal

In the bus Terminal in Espoo, near Helsinki Finland, BB Lightpipe LED lighting is mounted.

The main project contains of a tunnel-like underpass with 3 roadways in two directions and a lenght of 300m. The continues light lines result in a safe an comfortable envoirenment. A good visability is vital for safety in a room where busses and pedestrians move side by side.

The tunnel has entrance zone lighting at both ends to ensure a safe passage through the tunnel.

Some of the BB Lightpipe EVO fixtures are fitted with emergency lighting. In case of power loss the emergency lightpipes function as oriantation and anti-panic lighting.

espoo bus terminal   espoo bus terminal

In addition to the long light lines in the bus terminal a pedestrian walkway and bicycle parking are also illuminated with BB Lightpipe.

The project is realised in collaboration with our sales representitive in the Nordics Swefico