BB LEDlightpipe for Parking

The BB LEDlightpipe is perfectly suitable to use in parking environments. All BB LEDlightpipe fixtures have high quality features including glare free lighting, extreme long lifetime, low maintenance and vandal resistance. The BB LEDlightpipe uses high performance Nichia LED’s in combination with a very good heat regulation to produce energy efficient lighting.

Every fixture can be individually dimmed by 1-10V or DALI. This is especially useful in parking garages, were there is a 24/7 lighting requirement but not nearly as much occupation. The efficient LED’s in combination with a smart dimming protocol can save up to 70% of energy cost and CO2 emissions.
The BB LEDlightpipe EVO is a modular lighting system for making light lines and is specially developed to use in combination with other solutions. Other parking installations such as emergency lighting, sound an park guidance can be integrated within the BB LEDlightpipe fixture. These system integrations reduce the use of cables and cable trunks considerably, there for reducing mounting cost.



The BB LEDlightpipe also has a product range that is specially focused on the renovation market. Excising High Fluorescent fixtures can easily be replaced by the BB LEDlightpipe ECO. Mounting is easy and fast because existing mounting points can be reused. The BB LEDlightpipe ECO has all the same qualities as the EVO such as the glare free light and extreme long lifetime. The BB LEDlightpipe ECO can be dimmed using a motion sensor in every fixture individually or by DALI.
A unique feature of The BB LEDlightpipe® is the system integration with Park Assist. This solution ensures an optimum lighting level in the garage, combined with a parking guidance system. This offers the user the ease in finding an available parking space, reducing searching traffic and therefore reducing CO2 emissions.
The BB LEDlightpipe Park Assist uses a combination of modules and signs to direct traffic to empty parking spaces. De Park Assist module consists of one or two camera’s and a LED indication light. Each camera watches two parking spaces and can detect if a space is occupied. A green or red colour (more colours possible) shows if a parking space is free.

Optional features of the Park Assist installation are a car finding app, surveillance, premium pricing structures, parking insights and alerts. For a full description of the comprehensive functionalities see the product pages.

The BB LEDlightpipe® Park Assist system was developed by TKH Parking Solutions and consists of the by BB-Lightconcepts developed BB LEDlightpipe® EVO and Park Assist parking signage technology.