Jobarco Factory, Benthuizen

Maintenance free
60% saving
Evo product
Industry solution
The Jobarco factory floor is equipped with the BB LEDlightpipe Evo System.

The lighting installation of two factory halls from the cable manufacturer Jobarco (Benthuizen, the Netherlands) is completely renovated.

Jobarco is aiming to make all the business operations more sustainable and energy efficient and a part of this process is the renewal of the lighting in the factories. The old high fluorescent lighting is completely removed and replaced by the energy efficient BB LEDlightpipe EVO light lines. The new fixtures are assembled on a height of approximately 6 meter and these fixtures are equipped with a wide angle motion sensor. The assembly of the BB LEDlightpipe EVO light lines is executed by We-projects from Almere, the Netherlands.

The BB LEDlightpipe, equipped with a 180 degree beaming angle, produces a high uniformity on the floor and on the cable storage racking. This is a great advantage compared to other high bay lighting solutions such as regular fluorescent lighting, which are, most of the time, focused on just illuminating the floor.

BB LEDlightpipe® EVO

The BB LEDlightpipe® EVO, is a continuous optical stream of LED light modules which is composed of up to 4 tubes, with either 1 or 2 LED modules per tube, each containing 18 LEDs. Each separate LEDlightpipe has its own unique signature. This allows for independent control of the LEDlightpipes through means of the DALI protocol.



The location offers a wide range of possibilities to apply an advanced DALI based light management system to optimize the energy consumption of the lighting. The position of the storage racks divides the factory halls in several corridors. These corridors are sparsely occupied by workers so there are a lot of possibilities and reasons to use dimming through the use of motion sensors. The hall also has several windows which allows daylight to enter the factory halls. Therefore, it is also possible to use a DALI light sensor to dim when large amounts of natural light enters the factory hall.

The energy efficient lighting in combination with the DALI light management saves up to 60% on energy consumption in comparison to the old lighting installation. This results in a saving of 25% on the total energy costs and thus saving on the complete factory bill.

The old high fluorescent lighting required new lights on all the fixtures every 3 years. Replacing these was a time consuming job since, for example, a work platform is needed to get to reach the high fixtures. With the new BB LEDlightpipe EVO fixtures there is no need to replace the light source due to its extreme long lifespan. The LED driver needs a replacement only once every 20 years, resulting in a significant reduction of the maintenance costs.

Both Jobarco and BB-Lightconcepts are part of the TKH group. Jobarco produces and delivers the cable harnesses fitted in the BB LEDlightpipes.